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Bord de mer


Le Havre has a large sandy and pebble beach, almost right in the city centre. There's a whole host of water sports on offer, and you can also take advantage of the nearby skate park and beach volleyball courts.

In summer, from April to October, take advantage of the restaurants that line the beach and offer seaside cuisine (mussels, fish, pizzas, salads, etc.).



Just walk along the beach to Sainte-Adresse, a 'city within a city' of Le Havre. This former fishing village was once frequented by many painters, including Monet, Bourdin and Stevens. Having been included in their paintings, Sainte-Adresse pays tribute to them by including them in its own landscape, along the seafront, with panels and paintings retracing the town's history.

Architectur Perret


In 1945, Le Havre faced a serious problem. Heavily bombed during the Second World War, the town was almost entirely destroyed, with a whole population to be rehoused... One of my father's friends showed us a photograph of the ruins of the town... 10,000 buildings destroyed, 80,000 people affected, 150 hectares of ruins and ashes.

The reconstruction project was entrusted to Auguste Perret, the great specialist in reinforced concrete, known for his work on the Théatre des Champs Elysées in Paris, for example. Le Havre was transformed into a veritable field of experimentation, with the aim of rehousing people quickly, functionally and affordably! Today, the city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which hails it as "an outstanding example of post-war architecture and town planning".

Eglise Saint Joseph


Built in memory of the victims of the war, the concrete building is modern and atypical. And the gamble paid off! The exterior is austere and singular... The interior is just as austere, if not more so, with its theatre-like atmosphere and cinema seats! The place is a veritable shaft of light with its thousands of multicoloured stained glass windows.

Église_Saint-Joseph_du_Havre_(49832991847)_ creativecommons.jpg
Le Volcan Normand


Volcano or yoghurt pot, there's a fine line between the two!

This national stage designed by Oscar Niemeyer houses two theatres.

Restaurants Partenaires


LH Station Café

25-27 allée Aimé Cesaire

76600 Le Havre

+33(0)2 35 57 84 14

La Taverne Paillette

22 Rue Georges Braque - 76000 Le Havre

+33(0)2 35 41 31 50 - Seafood platters, sauerkraut and craft beers served non-stop in this lively brasserie.

Fujiya Sushi

34 Cours de la République - 76000 Le Havre

+33(0)2 32 92 04 41 - Top quality. Come and discover Fujiya's traditional cuisine.

Bistrot Parisien

39 Place de l'hôtel de ville - 76600 Le Havre

+33(0)2 35 22 10 40 - A cosy French brasserie with red benches serving French cuisine based on Normandy produce.

Les Enfants Sages

20 Rue Gustave Lennier - 76600 Le Havre

+33(0)2 35 46 44 08 - Very comfortable and friendly restaurant in a house with a garden. French cuisine.

LH Station Café
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